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2015: Returning Anew

2015 December 31

Last year, I felt that I was plateauing and settling at being content. But I wanted to get back to my desire of creating change.

So this past year, I made a big move.

I had applied to and didn’t get into business school. That knocked me down but not out.

It helped push me to get out of limbo and make my move.

After three years and nine months of living in Madison, Wisconsin, I moved back home to the Bay Area. I had a lot of good times and a lot of good friends in Madison, so it was tough to say goodbye. But a few factors combined to make it the right time to go.

The move itself was pretty fun, as I got to road trip across the Northern part of the country with my brother, exploring a bunch of national parks and cities along the way. This reminded me of all the natural beauty out there and how nice it is to just hike. I’m hoping to hit up more national parks in the coming year.

Adding to the massive life changes, I moved from the corporate giant Epic to a tiny healthcare tech startup called analyticsMD. It’s been great so far and I’m really excited to be a part of building something great.

Travel this year was dialed back due to the career transition, but will probably pick up again soon:

  • 19 trips (25 trips last year)
  • 81 days on the road (153 days last year)
  • 46,185 miles (77,180 miles last year)

Upon returning to the Bay Area, there was no hero’s welcome. That was wishful thinking on my part, though it’s been nice to be home and close to many family and friends.

Weird stuff’s been going on in the world too, with cops murdering citizens and Trump running for President. It’s as if we’re in a generational shift, with the new guard battling the old guard and it’s old ideas.

My guess: the new guard will eventually win, but the old guard will put up a damn good fight.

The new me won out this year too.

And that reinvigorated me.

Let’s see what this new energy brings in the new year!


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