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From Goliath to David

2015 December 17

I’ve been at my new job for about two months now and my, has it been different from my previous one.

I went from one of 8,000+ employees, to one of seven. That’s not to say Epic wasn’t a great experience. I did really enjoy my time there, the people I met, and the things I learned.

But it was time to move on, and I’m happy where I landed.

The new startup life:

  • I sit at one long desk with the rest of my team and the office space is shared with other startups
  • I get the chance to interact with hospital CEOs, CNOs, CMOs, performance improvement gurus, frontline managers, and more
  • I’ve continued my streak of first-name-only email addresses. Maybe I’ll make this a new requirement in all future roles.
  • We also have a ping pong table, so if nothing else, I’ll be great at ping pong by the end of this
  • I saw some episodes of the TV show “Silicon Valley” a little while back, and am struck by the parallels to my current job and work environment
  • Things change everyday and it’s exciting. The highs and the fires to put out. It’s free flowing, ripe for learning, and incredibly interesting.

I used to work at Goliath, but now I’m part of David, trying everyday to disrupt healthcare and take down the beast.



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