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2014: Relighting the Fire

2014 December 31

Last year, I aimed to have a fiery 2014. Looking back, I don’t think it was quite as fiery as I had hoped, but I definitely lit the fire.

I recently celebrated my three year work anniversary at Epic, which is longer than I had originally planned for when coming to Wisconsin. As it was getting closer and closer, the looming milestone pushed me to self reflect and really think hard about where I was and what I wanted.

If I am going to get to where I want to be, I’ll need to make some changes. Things have plateaued, so it’s time to rise and push forward.

I very much still have career dreams of making a big impact on the healthcare industry and am young and bold enough to pursue them.

I’ll always attribute this mindset to the learning environment that my mother put me in at a Montessori-based elementary school. My curious mind was allowed to run free. I can remember my time in Mrs. Lee’s first grade class and truly thinking that I could accomplish anything. It’s a belief I still hold to this day.

Outside of thinking about the future, it’s been a pretty roller coaster year.

Continuing the tour of America, I made my first visits to New York City and Austin, and spent a lot of time in Boston, a place where I can definitely see myself living in the future.

I traveled out to China and Hong Kong for the fifth time, and this time saw things differently through a new mid-20s lens.

I felt loss that hit close to heart, closer than ever before.

And cause I’ve done it the past few years, my travel stats for this year:

  • 25 trips (36 trips last year)
  • 153 days on the road (177 days last year)
  • 77,180 miles (67,835 miles last year)

In 2015, I’ll be making moves, both physically and professionally. Stay tuned!


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