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Goodbye, Madison

2015 August 6

I said goodbye to Madison this morning after an awesome 3 years and 9 months of living here.

My time at Epic and in Madison was kind of like a second college for me. After four years of undergrad, I spent another almost four years in badger town.

I’ve grown a lot here, both personally and professionally. For one, I ended up taking 103 business trips and spending 274 days onsite at hospitals for Epic. I also came here at age 22 and leave at age 25 (almost 26). Madison is a fun, fun place to be in your early-to-mid twenties.

But it’s a sad day today, because I’ve made so many great memories here. It really started to sink in on my last day of work at Epic and as I was packing up my life into my car.

Some things I’ll really miss:

  • Drinking and eating all the beer, cheese, and brats
  • Enjoying a beautiful summer day out at the Terrace with friends and pitchers
  • Being so cold that it physically hurts (just kidding, won’t miss that part at all)
  • Skating out on a pond and playing pickup hockey
  • Jumping around at Badger football games
  • Watching those majestic sunsets with the most amazing colors

What I’ll miss most about Madison though is being able to walk everywhere downtown, and oftentimes running into friends and people I know. Won’t be able to find the same back in the big cities.

Also, that stereotype about Midwesterners being overly nice? It’s true! And pardon the double use of word, but it’s really nice to be around nice people.

On my last night yesterday, I got to take in one final pitcher at the Terrace surrounded by people I can now call some of my best friends.

Madison, you’ll always have a special place in my heart. But now, it’s time to go home.

goodnight madison


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