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Go Big or Go Home

2015 April 15
by Stanley Quan

I had a conversation with a few friends recently that strengthened my resolve. One of them was talking about how he’d be satisfied to settle down in his thirties and work a well-paying job.

To each his own.

I’m not ready to think like that though. Maybe in the future. But the future right now is bright.

I’m a dreamer. And I’m intent to make those dreams happen.

I recently applied to and was turned down by a few top business schools.

I took a risk by only going for the cream of the crop, but it’s a risk that I felt comfortable taking.

In fact, every time I tell someone else the news, its doesn’t feel bad, but good. While I didn’t get the elation of acceptance, it was a relief to fail.

It reminds me to stay humble. It reminds me to stay hungry.

I went big, and I might be going home.


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