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A Heavy Heart

2014 April 1
by Stanley Quan

My grandpa passed away last week and I flew home to attend his funeral services this past weekend.

He was the first close relative I’ve lost and it was hard.

What struck me the most was the finality of it all. Seeing him one last time.

Man, was my heart heavy that day.

But in sadness, I think we should celebrate life.

He lived a good, long life. When I was younger, I always enjoyed watching him play chinese chess and mahjong. I never really knew if he won or lost, but it was exciting to watch. I’m glad I got to play some mahjong with him in his later years.

Recently, whenever I came home from Wisconsin, the first thing he’d do was ask if I had a girlfriend yet and when I was going to get married. It’s always been a slightly embarrassed no from me, but I know the day will come and when it does, I know he’ll be looking down at me and smiling.

What I’ll remember most about him though, is that whenever he went to Chinatown, almost every week or so, he would always bring me back one of my favorite foods, jung.

Goodbye, Yeh-Yeh. I love you, hope I made you proud, and hope that you are at peace.


I’d like to think that you’re already playing chinese chess and cracking jokes with the angels up there.


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