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Changing The Health Mindset

2014 February 6

I attended Health Career Connection‘s alumni conference in Berkeley a few weekends ago and was so inspired by all of the amazing work my colleagues are doing.

My peers are at the forefront of a changing landscape, leading public health initiatives and lowering health disparities.

It’s a wonderful time to be working in the healthcare industry, as it finally feels like the tide has turned. The health mindset in America is shifting from “sick” care to “health” care.

Say what you will about the less than stellar debut of Obamacare’s health insurance exchange, it was a major change and step in the right direction.

In the electronic medical record field, I see it everyday as providers and clinicians are getting over the new system learning curve and starting to harness the incredible power of big health data.

Exciting times, and I love being in the thick of it.


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