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Missing Home

2012 June 17
by Stanley Quan

After seeing friends in Vegas, having my mom and brother visit, and being on the road for most of this month, I’ve been kind of home sick lately.

I miss everyone back home terribly.

I know I’ve met a lot of interesting and good people here in Madison, but it doesn’t quite make up for it.

Sometimes I feel like I’m slowly losing part of my web. I hate that I miss birthdays, reunions, random get-togethers. It sucks to be so far away.

I love it whenever I get the chance for a phone call or video chat with friends or family back home. Those moments tend to be the highlight of my day.

But they just usually make me miss it all the more. They remind me of who and what I miss most.

One Response
  1. Lisa Quan permalink
    June 18, 2012

    Whenever you feel home sick, please call or text us. We can do Skype more often in the future.
    And we can exchange text messages more. Love you!

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