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Family Visit

2012 June 4
by Stanley Quan

Momma and brudda visited this past Wednesday-Monday and we had a great time exploring Madison and Chicago.

It had been along six months since I last saw them… so we made it count:

  • A tour of the Madison State Capitol Building
  • Good food all over: Old Fashioned, Terrace, Gramwich, Giordano’s, Yolk
  • Epic
  • Trolls
  • Perfect weather
  • Architectural tour by boat
  • Double decker buses
  • An impromptu haircut
  • Finding an old friend
  • Jazzy Navy Pier
  • Cheezborgers
  • Kids le ma
  • Eccentric crowds of Chicago

All in all, an awesome week of catching up and enjoying time together.

One Response
  1. Lisa Quan permalink
    June 5, 2012

    It was a such great family week together. I enjoyed every moment of it!

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