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Succession Planning

2011 April 22
by Stanley Quan

In the midst of deciding next year’s Camp Kesem Berkeley Co-Chairs, I’ve come to realize just how stressful it is to choose.

My Co- and I are both seniors and will be moving on from college after graduation and camp in mid-August, so succession planning is definitely front and center. We’ve conducted every sort of interview the past few weeks, and we’re still deliberating and mulling over the potentials. It gets even trickier because we aren’t just picking one person, but two people, a team.

However qualified, the candidates are all my friends and have their hearts in the right places. Perhaps that’s what makes it so hard. It sucks to know that you have to let some people down, which I’ve had to do before in counselor decisions. But it’s even tougher now, because as current Co-Chairs, we are essentially making a decision for the future of the organization. We’ve seen all of these coordinators grow so much as leaders and people, and now we have to finally choose our successors.

It’s our one decision that will probably impact Kesem the most. I would hate to screw it up.

I’m confident we’ll make the right choice though. That’s what all these applications, interviews, yearlong observations, and hours of consideration are for. I’m sure whoever we choose¬†will keep the magic of camp alive and well.

It has been an honor to be Co-Chair for Camp Kesem this year. I’ve learned so much from the role and wouldn’t trade the experience for anything.

I’m truly excited to be able to pass that honor on :)


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