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Mile High City

2013 April 16

After Cheyenne, decided to stay over the weekend to check out Denver, Colorado.

Took a day trip to Boulder and went on a brewery tour at Avery Brewing Company. Tried some really interesting beers like passionfruit beer, chai brown ale, and a sour beer for the first time. After the tour, made some new friends playing board games and darts.

First impression of Denver was that it’s a sleepy town… We walked downtown around noon and very little people were out and about. It wasn’t until about five or six that the downtown area started to stir and liven up a bit.

Awesome mountains surrounding everything.┬áThe 16th Street Mall area was pretty cool. There was free bus that ran all along it to make getting around easy, if strolling isn’t your thing.

The Larimer Square area made for a fun night, mostly at this one southern bar.

Quick run-through: good crowd, free shots, people watching, random cowboy bro who kept taking pictures, USC-shirted old guy, finding other Asians, tagging stuff with Avery stickers, running into the group of middle-aged women we met on the bus earlier, fun music, dancing with everyone…

Good times.

avery brewery

downtown denver


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