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Cheyenne, Wyoming

2013 April 14

Ventured out to Cheyenne, Wyoming this past week to support a go-live.

Cruised in with my Mustang rental and I immediately got a small town America feel. Turns out the Mustang wasn’t the best idea, since I got stuck in some snow at a curb and had to finagle myself out of that one, but I couldn’t pass it up.

And, not sure who gave Chicago the title of Windy City, cause Cheyenne was pretty darn windy 24-7.

I got pretty sick and didn’t get to explore much, but I did get a chance to take in some local cuisine.

I tried some rocky mountain oysters (hint: they’re not actual oysters) and buffalo meat, which tastes a lot like steak but a bit tougher.

Also, found this colorful boot, equivalent to San Francisco’s artsy hearts?

cheyenne boot

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  1. Lisa Quan permalink
    April 15, 2013

    I love that boot! Are you feeling better now?

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