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25 States

2013 February 20
by Stanley Quan

My trip to Connecticut last week got me to 25 states in the race!

Now that I’ve been to half of the states, I thought I’d reflect a little.

I’ve very much enjoyed the places I’ve visited, lived, and experienced. I can thank my family and job for giving me the opportunity to do so.

You often hear stereotypes about regions and the people that live there. And I gotta say, lots of time, they can be true.

state stereotypes

But there’s a reason behind those stereotypes, and I’ve gotten the chance to see for myself.

I’m happy to say I’ve met a lot of people from different walks of life, who grew up with different backgrounds and in different cultures.

And I can’t wait to meet more. I mean, what’s more exciting than seeing how others live and then learning from it?

Here’s to the next 25 states being just as interesting!


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