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2016: Riding the Startup Roller Coaster

2016 December 31
by Stanley Quan

At the end of last year, I returned to the Bay and was reinvigorated by joining a small startup called analyticsMD that I really believed in.

This year was defined by that move, and all of the ups and downs of learning through an early stage company.

I worked there for almost all of 2016 (except for the last two weeks), and learned a ton from the experience. Apart from playing a key part in growing the team and setting up processes and structure, I greatly valued the opportunity to do things that I wouldn’t get to do in a larger company, expanding my skill set and gaining a deeper understanding of other roles and functions.

I not only got to learn about different areas like marketing, sales, and product management, but got to actually contribute and do work in those areas.

It’s been a roller coaster of a ride.

There were many successes and many struggles, but I don’t regret it one bit.

In moving on from analyticsMD, I decided to join Accenture in a consulting role a few weeks ago. My first project takes me to Los Angeles for half of each week, but I’m excited to have some more free time to pursue personal hobbies in the near future.

Outside of the startup, a few other notable things from the year included going on a trip to Cambodia and Thailand, running the San Francisco Marathon, and meeting my now girlfriend :).

I think I’ve done a good job of challenging myself this year both personally and professionally.

It hasn’t been easy, but it’s been humbling and inspiring.

Here’s to seeing where the next roller coaster takes me!


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