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2010 June 14
by Stanley Quan

At least for me, it’s tough to get excited about a sports game if I don’t have a team to root for. If a Bay Area team is playing, I’ll probably root for them, but if not, I usually go for the underdog.

I think many people tend to do the same. Movie-makers have certainly figured this out and subsequently produced many underdog films. I guess there’s just something about the underdog. It’s a position that all of us have faced sometime in our lives. It’s easy to empathize and support a team with little to lose.

You know that they have to scrap and fight their way to victory. If successful, they’ve done the unexpected and sometimes, seemingly impossible.

A win by the little guy inspires hope for all. It makes us think that we too, can win when the odds are stacked against us. They make us believe.

Plus, it’s fun to see the mighty fall from time to time. Well, unless it’s a Bay Area team.


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