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Tooth Doctor

2012 July 11
by Stanley Quan

I was at the dentist this week for some dental work mostly due to shoddy tooth brushing from my younger days. I always brushed my teeth, just not that well. And now it’s coming back to bite me.

I guess it never really struck me how important it was. Perhaps it wasn’t stressed enough by dentist. Or maybe I just didn’t listen. Either way, the past now effects the present.

On the same topic, why is going to the dentist such an unpleasurable experience?

I’ve never actually looked forward to going to the dentist and probably never will. But why is that? I don’t have the same issue with going in to a health clinic for physicals or going to the optometrist for an eye exam.

Maybe it’s the possible pain involved with dental appointments? It ain’t too fun to have someone pricking and jabbing at your teeth. Someone should come up with a way to make going to the dentist a better experience. Might not be a good market opportunity – people already still go to the dentist anyway – but it would have a positive impact.

Anyways, teeth are important, so make sure to keep them healthy!

Brush and floss your teeth, kids.


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