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Three Homes

2013 June 18

Every time I come back from a long trip, I can’t help but feel a little lost, a little empty.

Today, I returned to Madison after a very long 17-day business/personal trip and feel it.

Feels like something’s missing… an anchor.

  1. The Bay Area isn’t really home anymore.
  2. Madison is as close as it gets, but with the frequent travel, doesn’t quite take the same meaning.
  3. Airplanes, rental cars, and hotels are sort of like a third home to me.

I don’t have that sense of place.

With all the moving around and little permanence, I guess it’s nice to have the internet and social media to help lessen the gap a bit.

Being able to catch up on what friends are doing definitely helps, in some kind of comforting way.

I don’t feel like I miss as much back home, all three of them.


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