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The “Work”place

2013 September 24
by Stanley Quan

If you’re a corporate executive that thinks the workplace doesn’t matter, listen up.

It matters.

Having worked at Epic for almost two years, I can definitely say that “being at work” in an office on a beautiful campus is a significant perk. The whimsical artwork, chef-manned cafeteria, and themed buildings give the place life. If nothing else, it certainly makes tough work days bearable.

On the good end, it gives me some pride in my work, and seeing tour groups flock to experience the campus too, makes me feel a little important. It also shows that the higher-ups care.

During my trip home this past weekend, I got the chance to take a look at two other companies that care about the “work”place: Box and Google.

box slidegoogle rock climb

Who wouldn’t want to work a place where you can slide or rock climb during your lunch break?


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