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The Millennial Generation

2010 March 22

I read a Nancy Gibbs essay entitled Generation Next in Time this morning and thought it offered an interesting analysis of the generation gap.

I think much of what she says is true, especially the part about how “the greatest divide of all has to do with hope and heart.” In my daily interactions at Berkeley particularly, I see this difference. It seems as though the millennial generation (born between 1982 and 2003) not only believes in, but sees the future and all of its promise. It is not content to stick with the status quo, but driven to push for change. Nothing is impossible, and instead everything is just a matter of time.

Photo by AP

There is a “hunger for community,” with unity through communication and social media. We have all become interconnected, linked, and interdependent. Thus, individual pursuits are not as important relative to collective goals as they once were. As a generation, we want to be a part of something greater than the individual.

As Gibbs sums up, millennials “know something we don’t about the inventions that will emerge from their networked brains, the solutions that might arise from a generation so determined to bridge gaps and work as a team. In that event, their vision would be vindicated, not only for themselves but for those of us who will one day follow their lead.”

The future is bright.

Photo from the book Law School 2.0 by David Thomson


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