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That Can’t Happen To Me

2011 November 15

If you haven’t heard, there was a shooting at the Haas School of Business today. From the UC Berkeley News Center:

Campus officials report that a shooting took place Tuesday afternoon at the Haas School of Business.

The suspect was seen carrying a gun. A staff member reported this to the police, who responded immediately. The suspect entered a computer room, where police followed him and asked him to put up his hands. The suspect then pulled out the gun, and police shot him.

The area is now contained, and the Haas School has been evacuated until further notice.

I heard about the shooting through getting a text from the school’s Warn Me texting system. The police alert said:

“EMERGENCY: There was a shooting at Haas Business School. Police are on the scene and everything is under control. Please avoid the area.”

Bad thoughts flooded my mind and I frantically scoured the web for more info. I was in total shock.  I still have a lot of friends studying at Cal and was worried for their safety. Later, I found out that the shooting happened in the computer lab where I hung out so often over the last two years.

To think, plus or minus six months, and I might’ve been there. It’s crazy to think about. I often watch the news and think that can’t happen to me. There’s a certain disconnect when it comes to hearing news, as opposed to experiencing it. But when something like this happens, stuff gets real.

I found myself in a similar situation not too long ago.

My friend Emily probably said it best: “makes you think about what’s really important.” In those moments right after hearing about the shooting, that’s what I thought about.


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