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St. Patty’s Night

2011 March 18

Lessons learned from celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Berkeley and San Francisco last night:

1. I always thought green beer was festive and fun. But in reality, it looks quite unappetizing. Some kind of psychological thing, probably. Plus, it look like slime. On a side note, thank you bartender girl at Bear’s Lair for dying our amber ale green, even though it was already pretty dark.

2. To the super friendly restaurant owner who let us use your bathroom, no questions asked and without buying any food, you are awesome. It was unexpected, but greatly appreciated. Couldn’t find a single bathroom anywhere when you came to the rescue. Never had to pee so badly in my life…

3. Partying in an alley way (The Irish Bank Bar and Restaurant) with a DJ spinning techno, pop, and classic rock felt like another world, especially with a dude swaying a giant Irish flag on stage. Emily, next year, we will wave that flag. Also, random lady who spontaneously crashed our chill circle, thanks for getting us going.

4. Going down a slide to get to the dance floor at a club (Slide) brings back memories of childhood. Ears still ringing from the music though…

5. Bar-hopping and party-hopping with old and new friends alike? So much fun!  Gotta do it again soon, Jimmy, Emily, and Mimi :)



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