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Rushing Water

2010 May 31
by Stanley Quan

I was hiking with friends at Yosemite yesterday and it struck me how powerful and peaceful nature can be at the same time.

We hiked up the Half Dome trail to a couple of waterfalls (Vernal Falls and Nevada Falls) for the day, and I realized that I love the sight of rushing water. There’s nothing really comparable to watching water. It has a seamless and steady flow to it, yet has the strength (in volume) to crash down on rocks or sweep you away.

The trail was quite long and steep, but there was some beautiful scenery along the way. At one instance, at the top of Vernal Falls, the mist from crashing water created an awesome rainbow that stretched across the valley below.

Photo by Elaine Wu

I haven’t been out in the wilderness in quite a while (last time I went to Yosemite was in middle school), so it was nice to finally get back to nature. Can’t beat the tranquility of the great outdoors.

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