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Returning the Happy

2011 February 28
by Stanley Quan

As I walked out of class just now, I was about 15 feet behind these two girls. I was kind of in my own zone and not really paying attention, but all of sudden, a pair of sunglasses dropped to the ground. It made sense that it came from one of their bags, but I wasn’t sure.

People around me probably saw too, but no one did anything, so I picked them up, jogged over to the girls and asked if either of them had dropped the sunglasses. One of the girls lit up in surpriseĀ and enthusiastically replied, “Oh my god! Thank you so much!” and I gave her the shades.

She had been talking on the phone, and as I walked away, I overheard her continue to express her gratitude by telling the person on the other line how happy she was that someone had picked up her sunglasses and returned them.

It was such a small occurrence that lasted maybe five seconds, but seeing her happiness made my day. I think it was the way she expressed it mostly. I had done her a favor, but she returned it right back.

I know if someone found my dropped sunglasses, I probably wouldn’t respond as enthusastically. But after today’s experience, maybe I should.


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