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2015 August 25

I’ve been back in the Bay Area for just over a week now, and there’s definitely been a readjustment period.

Two quick examples:

  1. Last week, I was walking around the Mission district at night and didn’t really feel comfortable. There was a homeless woman digging through the trash, street vendors selling dirty dogs, and lots of people.
  2. This past weekend, I saw a homeless guy pull down his pants on the sidewalk and squat, very likely to poop. I didn’t stay to confirm.

There’s certainly a homeless community in Madison as well, but nothing like this.

Stanley, you’re not in Wisconsin anymore.

After living in the Midwest for the past three and half years, I knew there was going to be change. But I didn’t expect it to┬áhit me right in the face, loud and clear.

Also, the bars are packed and the drinks are expensive…

The diversity’s nice though.


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