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Racing Against Time

2013 July 30
by Stanley Quan

I’m only about to turn 24 in a few weeks, but I feel like I’m already racing against time.

Life’s short. I’m scared that I’ll let my younger years pass by without taking it all in.

There’s so much I want to do, but now I see myself weighing upcoming life decisions pretty heavily: Stay or change jobs? Grad school? Where to live?

Big years coming up. Need to make it count.

Of course, life is life. Things come, things go. You roll with the punches.

There will be surprises, and honestly I’m excited for that! But the planner in me tries to lay it all out.

I want it all to just slow down a bit to let me catch up.

But if it’s a race it’ll be, I’m gonna run my heart out.

Good thing I like running.

4 Responses
  1. Karen permalink
    July 31, 2013

    If there’s anyone who can balance figuring it out and enjoying the ride, it’s you, Stanlers.

    (…And in the meantime, we go to New York.)

    (Do I sound like a broken record yet?)

    • Stanley Quan permalink*
      July 31, 2013

      Thanks, Karen :) And yes! New York!

  2. July 31, 2013

    If you worry about seeing everything, you might miss actually seeing what you’re looking at. It seems to me that you’re pretty good at appreciating the moment, but I know the feeling – there’s so much to do and see and learn! Remember, though, life doesn’t end when your younger years pass. People change careers all the time, go to grad school late in life, find new passions as they grow older, and make something of themselves in a whole new field of play. It’s a little less stress on yourself if you keep in mind that you’re not locking in your entire future with these kinds of decisions, just the next few years. These things are sprints, so yeah, run your hardest while you’re in the race. But don’t forget that life isn’t a normal marathon: you get to pick the route as you go.

    • Stanley Quan permalink*
      July 31, 2013

      Good perspective, Sammy. Trying to find that balance between the present and the future!

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