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2013 March 14

I was in Philadelphia for the first part of this week to support a go-live. I’m a big fan of big cities and Philly didn’t disappoint.

Of course, I had to try a Philly cheesesteak. But there, you just call it a “cheesesteak.” I tried a couple at Campo’s and Tony Luke’s and they were pretty good, but not amazing. I guess beef, cheese, and bread can only be so good..

The people of Philly had a certain bit of sass and a little attitude, in a good way. Character, you could say.

The architecture was really cool and there were beautiful murals everywhere. Not small ones either. They were huge, covering whole sides of buildings. Loved that.

Also, got a chance to check out South Street, which was diverse and eccentric, and reminded me of Berkeley a bit.

philly architecture

philly mural













philly cheesesteak

philadelphia city hall


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