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Observations From The Mainland

2011 May 30

Some things I’ve noticed:

  • McDonald’s and KFC are all the rage. They have two-story restaurants all over the place. I went in at 4pm on a Thursday and it was packed.
    • The menus are catered to Chinese tastes, with foods like egg tarts, rice porridge, and boba milk tea, in addition to the classic fried chicken, burgers, sodas and such. I tried the egg tarts – delicious.
  • No one’s fat. I have yet to find a single person who is or is even remotely close to being obese. Everyone looks pretty fit and healthy..
  • Guangzhou Metro subway trains come every 2-3 minutes. Super convenient. BART, take note.
  • On the streets, cars don’t stop for people. You have to be a little fearless if you ever want to cross the road. Jaywalking is the norm.
  • Very few people wear sunglasses. Umbrellas seem to be the sun-blocker of choice for sunny days.
  • Napping in a bed under a mosquito net, I feel like Sleeping Beauty.
  • So far, every time I’ve walked up to an automatic-flushing urinal in China, it has immediately flushed, before I even do my business… Maybe it senses the foreigner in me and malfunctions?

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