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Keep That Passion In Front

2011 January 6
by Stanley Quan

I remember seeing you post about Camp Kesem a lot on facebook, it’s cool to see you so energized about something.  If I have any advice to give, it’s to keep that kind of passion in front of you all the time; the money will follow and the hours will be easy.

– Tim Tuff

(my friend, former cross country coach, and now entrepreneur)

Oh so true. I don’t think I could have put it more eloquently myself.

Passion is so powerful and should never be ignored. I’d always rather work with a passionate and less competent person than a passionless competent person. The passion drives the former to become competent.  It’s something you can’t teach.

As for the second part of the statement, I wholeheartedly agree. I believe that if you follow your heart, everything will eventually fall into place. And you’ll enjoy what you do. Win-win.


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