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2017 February 8

I made a short trip (less than 24 hours actually!) to Kansas City at the end of last week mainly for work orientation but also got a chance to explore the city a bit.

Started off by getting some really good food at Reiger and then moving underground for a drink at the speakeasy Manifesto.

The next day was spent at orientation, which ended with my first time playing whirlyball, a combination of lacrosse and bumper cars. It was fun but also a little hard to pick up.

Before leaving KC, we made a few quick stops to see outdoor art pieces at Nelson-Atkins Institute of Art and took in the city skyline view at Liberty Memorial.

Something interesting is that Kansas City actually straddles two states: Missouri and Kansas. It was funny to drive around and pass by a bunch of “Welcome to Missouri” and “Welcome to Kansas” signs everywhere.

From the parts I was able to see, Kansas City felt like a fun, spirited city.

I hope to return in the future to explore more.

Kansas is state #44 in the state race!



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