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Jónsi Concert

2010 April 16
by Stanley Quan

Last night, I attended an amazing concert by Jónsi. He made a stop in Berkeley at Zellerbach Hall as part of his world tour.

Jónsi’s an Icelandic singer who I’d never heard about until my friend James told me about him. I listened to some of his songs online and decided to give him a shot. Boy, am I glad I did. The concert was absolutely amazing. Whoever designed and produced the show must of been a artistic genius. Strobe lights, lots of color, projected images, and the set were beautifully blended with the music.

This photo doesn't do the show justice, but it's the only one I took during the performance.

Jónsi’s voice had an almost angelical quality and was great live. All the instruments, some I’ve never seen before, added powerful beats and texture to every song. Though it was hard to understand the lyrics because of his accent, the anthemic feel to most of the songs was awesome.

There was a powerful environment/nature/animals theme to the entire set too. The moving images and colors went a long way toward bringing this setting to life. Even Zellerbach’s ceiling had moving projected images, including butterflies, stars, and streaking lights. You really have to experience it in person.

This was the third big concert I’ve been to (Jason Mraz and Marié Digby being the others), and I was just blown away by the visual effects and music. It was unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

Found this video of the making of the show:


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