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Inspiration: Squelching a Fire With Lemonade

2010 May 25
by Stanley Quan

Last week, the Berkeley East Bay Humane Society was hit with tragedy. A fire burned through part of the shelter, with smoke inhalation claiming the lives of 15 cats. The 14 dogs and cats that survived are recovering in foster homes until they’re healthy enough to be adopted.

The community is coming together to help care for the animals and rebuild the destroyed shelter. People of all ages have been dropping off donations, including two local kids, Billie and Sofia, who left a letter accompanying their $10 donation.  It read:

“Dear East Bay Humane Society,

Me and my friend raised $10.00 by selling cupcakes and lemonade. We hope that this $10.00 will somehow make a difference. We are very sad about the fire in the shelter and hope you can make it through the sadness.

From, Billie and Sofia”

It’s great to see philanthropy starting young. The letter that Billie and Sofia wrote made the donation that much more meaningful, showing that they truly cared about what happened. Every little bit counts.


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