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Inspiration: My Flesh And Blood

2010 September 28

Yesterday in my public health seminar class, we watched a documentary from 2003 called My Flesh and Blood. It tells the story of Susan Tom of Fairfield, California and her brood of 13 children, including 11 adopted special needs children and 2 of her own. The documentary was deeply moving and watching the family was a roller coaster ride of emotions.

There were moments throughout the movie that were both painful and heartwarming to watch. But in the end, it left me thinking about life and the human spirit, and how it can be so incredible at times.

The whole film is on YouTube (separated into 10 clips). It’s 83 minutes long, but worth every minute. I highly encourage you to take a study or work break and take in this poignant movie.

Here’s the link to the first clip, and you can find the rest from there:


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