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Inspiration: Camp Story

2010 August 24

I experienced so many inspirational moments this past week at Camp Kesem. I’ll share with you one of these moments that happened on the first day.

(Note: I’m not using the campers’ real names)

My unit of campers was at the arts and crafts rotation, working on making paper mache safari animals. One of the campers, 8-year-old “Joey” finished his project a little earlier than the rest. I saw him go over and help another boy, “Tommy” finish. Seeing this, I went up to Joey and told him that it was really nice of him to help Tommy. Without hesitation, Joey turned to me and replied, “Well, that’s what friends are for.” :)

Joey’s comment brought a huge smile to my face. Keep in mind that this happened in the afternoon of the first day, so Joey and Tommy had hardly even met.┬áIt warms my heart to know that kids as young as eight can be so compassionate.

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  1. helix permalink
    August 24, 2010

    i hope it’s not too creepy that i’m peeking in here. i love this entry. : ) i hope you’ll write more soon, flash!

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