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Inspiration: Keenan’s Room

2011 February 26

Keenan Cahill is known to many as that strange kid who lip syncs on YouTube. But not many know his story and his battle with MPS-VI.

Here it is:


Keenan is only 15, but has a very rare genetic disorder that affects 1 in every 500,000 individuals and there is no cure.  He has already had ten surgeries so far and each Thursday, he gets treated with a four-hour long enzyme infusion at Chicago’s Children’s Memorial Hospital to halt the progression of the disease.

With his YouTube videos (originally all filmed in his room) having millions of views and his popularity garnering the interest of famous musical artists and celebrities, Keenan is living a teenage dream.

Though hereceives some hurtful comments on his YouTube videos, he tries to ignore them and uses friendships he’s made at the children’s hospital to motivate him. Keenan loves being in front of the camera and just simply loves what he does.


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