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Honolulu, Hawaii

2012 February 18

I was a learner on a trip to Kaiser Permanente Hawaii in Honolulu this past week.

Yup… Hawaii.

80 degrees and sun? Can’t beat that. I defrosted.

Definitely got in my long walks along the beach. There’s nothing quite like feeling the sand between your toes, with comfortably warm water to wash it away. Add in the soothing sound of waves crashing ashore, and you’ve got tropical paradise.

Lots of tourists, especially from Japan.

Fresh fish, great sushi.

One night, every restaurant we tried to go to was booked (Valentine’s Day planning fail on our part).

Checked out Pearl Harbor on the way to the airport before flying out. It was amazing to just see the sheer size of some of the ships and missiles there.

Can work always be like this? 


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