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From Happy Meals to Healthy Meals

2010 November 9

After a vote by San Francisco’s board of supervisors tomorrow, Happy Meals as they are now could become a thing of the past. According to an article I read today, the city’s board  is expected to formally approve a ban on most of McDonald’s Happy Meals in current form.

The move to turn Happy Meals into healthy meals has gone forward because some people felt that McDonald’s offers toys to entice kids to buy meals that aren’t nutritious. With the new proposal, McDonald’s and other restaurants will have  to improve their kids meals’ nutrition with fruits and vegetables by December 2011 in order to keep offering toys with them.

This measure is the first of its kind for a large city and will hopefully set an example for other regions to follow.

It’s a bit weird to think that Happy Meals will be changed, since I grew up eating them myself. But this is how I think fundamental change will come to our nation’s health.

I believe that pressure has to come from bottom up, with local governments and communities leading the charge. This is a healthy start.

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  1. Karen permalink
    November 9, 2010

    AHH HAPPY MEALS!! But to be honest, I don’t think I even knew that Happy Meals still existed haha. Can’t say I’m too heartbroken that they’ll be swamped out for healthier alternatives..

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