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2013 April 27
by Stanley Quan

I ran the Crazylegs Classic 8k this morning, longest race I’ve ever run actually.

It was an awesome course that started at the Madison Capitol and wound it’s way though campus to end at Camp Randall Stadium. It was cool to run across the field and finish around the 50-yard line, especially with lots of people cheering you on.

That extra boost was definitely needed.

An 8k is just a nick under 5 miles, and it felt pretty long today. Started too fast and had to fight the last few miles.

I was thisclose to walking around the 30-minute mark but kept pushing myself an extra minute at a time and then by the time I hit 35-minutes, there was no point stopping.

41:01. Not too bad, just a bit past my goal time.

I’ve been sick and didn’t really get to train for this race, but it was great to be in that atmosphere again. Race days were some of my favorite back in my high school cross country days.

I’m glad that these events still go strong, undeterred by the recent Boston Marathon attacks.


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