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2011 May 25
by Stanley Quan

I’m in China for three weeks to visit relatives and do a little sightseeing.  Most of my mom’s side of family, including grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, live in or around Guangzhou, so that’s where I’ll be staying for most of the trip.

My last trip to China was in the summer of 2005, and a lot has changed since then. For one, the exchange rate for the US dollar fell from 8 RMB to 6.4 RMB. Sucks for us Americans, but good for Chinese I guess. Also, I graduated high school, and started and graduated college. My cousins in China have finished college and moved on to work. It’s been a fast six years, and nice to finally be back.

My mom and I flew over a couple days ago. A few quick thoughts:

  • Airplane food still sucks. The cup of noodles that they served as a snack was the best food from the flight.
  • Airplane entertainment rocks. Each seat had a personal entertainment system, complete with movies, TV shows, games, and more. It was pretty easy to pass the 14 hours watching The King’s Speech and Black Swan movies, Modern Family and How I Met Your Mother episodes, and playing some tetris and poker.
  • Family is always awesome. It’s great to see relatives that you haven’t seen in a while.
  • There’s a whole lot of smog here in China. Look outside and I see gray skies all around.

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