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Charleston, South Carolina

2014 January 9

I was in the coastal city of Charleston for a few days this week.

Just my luck that the couple days I’m there, it’s record cold temperatures. A far cry from the typically humid, subtropical climate.

I did like all the palm trees though and could see how it’d be a nice place to walk around when the sun was out.

If you didn’t know, Charleston has colonial history dating back to when it was an English settlement and eventually played a role in the American Revolution.

Went out to dinner downtown on my first night, and it was eerily haunted and historical at the same time. The cobblestone street alleys and fire-lit lamps along the main road added to the effect.

Got a feel for the coastal seafood with some fantastic oysters at Pearlz restaurant.

pearlz oysters

Also,  South Carolina is 30 out of 50 states.


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