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Being Treated With Something I Worked On

2012 February 27

Went to the doctor’s office today and had an interesting experience.

It turns out that the clinic was using Epic as it’s electronic medical record (EMR) system. So as I sat there and watched the doctor click through the screens and create orders in the system, I knew exactly what was going on and how it worked. I could configure every part of it.

A few months ago, I was being trained to use Epic software and at times, took on the role of a doctor to learn the end user workflow. Every day at work, I am in the system. Now, I was seeing it from the patient perspective firsthand.

Sitting in the exam room, this kind of blew my mind. I saw all the direct benefits of using an EMR: the accessibility, efficiency, coordination of care, complete documentation, and more.

How many times does this happen in life? I was being treated with something I worked on. Crazy.


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