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Avicii Concert

2012 January 8
by Stanley Quan

Went to the Avicii concert in Milwaukee, WI last night and had a blast.

It was rocking when Avicii finally came on and I made my way toward the stage. Having gotten to the fifth row from the front and making no further progress in the mass of bodies, I told the two guys behind me to lift me up and over.

It took some convincing, but they gave me a lift and I crowdsurfed to the front. Super cool experience. And a very different and unique view of the concert.

Later on, I migrated toward the back and found a small post from which I had an awesome view slightly above the crowd. There, I just did my own thing, dancing to the music, letting the beats flow.

I was wearing my bright yellow smiley face tank and I think people were digging it. It was certainly loud and eye-catching to anyone who looked toward the back of the venue.

For the Berkeley folks who get this reference, I felt kind of like the Happy Happy Happy Man.

I noticed one girl in particular kept pointing over to me and loving my shirt. At the end of the night, as we crossed paths by the exit, she said “you’re my hero.”

Good feeling :) I hope she passes it on.

Keep the smiles flowing. Be happy.

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  1. Casey permalink
    January 8, 2012

    sooo coool!

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